Monday, October 24, 2011

One day out

Hey Lil', let's see what is over there.
 Look at me Lil', I can dance! You try!
 No thanks Ara, I am done with that.
Let's go over there!
Following the leader!
The Leader!
The Leader!
Lil' Wait up!
Your legs are shorter so that makes you faster! Wait up Lil'!
 Ha! Got you!
Thanks for your Help sis, but I've gotta run!
And I am free!
I got this
I don't need help Ara
 I am free!
 Hey let see what Mommy is up to.
Mommy! I am gonna get you!


 Hi Mommy!
HA! We got you!
 Belly Button!
 Kisses for Mommy!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Mother's Day Pics

Here are some pics from our Mother's Day trip to the park. 
(The day before Mother's Day)

 Lilly had a blast on the slide!
 Lilly had a lot of fun walking around with Dada! 
She is getting so big! I cant believe it!

On the actual Mother's Day I went for a walk with our girls, 
trying to get Madeline to just come out already!
 Lilly's first time on a duck! She had so much fun!
Watch out world, our girls are driving a car!